• At least they can make johburgh/santiago once a week, rather than the 3-4 times weekly

  • I think its has partly to do with downgrading certin routes (eg syd-sin, syd-bkk and so on) from B747 to A330...... and also with other aspect like removal of carbon tax

  • I think its just population wise that they have heaps of flights and eurostar trains, and both can get packed out..... so if there enough popualtion, its would be enough for both choices

  • I flew the old A330 from HKG to PEK, but i flew the new A330 on the way back (which was described in the photo).... So i guess u could get a mixed bag....

  • I acutally like the rushed service..... and both legs were overnight (from SYD to HKG and back).... make time for sleep.... Also i flew EK from BKK to SYD, and dinner wasn't served untill 3 hours into the flight, and then breakky 2 hours before landing, unlike CX which is was like an hour after ...

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