• Latest Air New Zealand one - where was the safety demonstration? 3 and a half minutes of inane blather and a hand wildy scribbling around the screen. The poor flight attendants having to stand there during that rubbish. 

  • Yet another airline lets its marketing deartment take over from it's safety department. Who is going to take a Flight Attendant seriously when his employer dresses him in a t-shirt? WIll safety have a "casual vibe" too?

  • This is FANTASTIC! Now Air New Zealand management know where to go to have their inflight product designed. What a great cost saving initiative - fire the fools who have made such a mess of the "Cripple Seven" inflight service in Auckland and subcontract all inflight service product development...

  • Air NZ boosts Premium Economy legroom

    May 12, 2011, 06:10 PM

    It's great to see some improvement on this shockingly bad config. Now if only they would introduce the inflight product that's on the 747, 767 and 772 fleet then it would be worth taking them off my 'no fly' list.

  • Everybody hates that "safety" video. Which, like the mess that is the new "Cripple Seven", guarantees that Air NZ won't change a thing.

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