• Great review, just one note: "drop into one of the ‘rapid charge’ points that Tesla is installing around Australia"I assume this refers to Tesla superchargers - only Tesla vehicles can use those. However there is a similar network of fast chargers which use a public standard used b...

  • Good question.  I assumed they may have operated some other brands, but I just checked their website and none of the big chain ones here are Hyatt brands.  Not sure what that line means, unless they are just referring to occupancy rates in general?

  • You be glad to know there's a string of them lined up! .Vibe Hotel next to the Argyle St Car Park, Fragrance Hotel in upper Macquarie St close to finished, Crowne above the new Myer building (Liverpool St), Federal putting the finishing touches to a 5-star Macq01 on the waterfront (Hunter St) and...

  • Something not touched upon on the article are whole-of-city codes - I don't know if these are used by IATA or just reserved, but in many flight search websites if you try to book from NYC to LON it will offer all options between the various New York City airports and the various London airports.

  • Whether or not the new airport takes on SYD would also depend on whether it replaces the old airport (like HKG) or whether it is a supplementary airport (like AVV).

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