• Review: ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures

    Sep 24, 2018, 12:13 PM

    This card is my overseas card. Not paying the international transaction fee more than compensated for any loss in points. Also, for shopping in Australia, the bonus point mall is the best I have seen of any card. Finally, transfer points when you get a 15% bonus. Add it all up and the card, as...

  • I think your statement on guest rules needs clarifying.  My wife has the top tier card through Citi Prestige and she is allowed one guest free of charge per visit.  Additional guests are at $27 US per person. (Unless rules have changed since our last visit!!!)

  • I usually book reward flights around 6 to 9 months out using VA business on a trip from Perth the an Eastern city during the footy season (go Eagles!).  Never had a problem getting business seats.  I wonder how much more difficult this might be.  You mentioned not to expect the sam...

  • Westpac reduces credit card points

    May 01, 2017, 04:11 PM

    Best get Amex card directly from AMEX, not through a bank.  May still be changes there but they should not be linked to July 1 changes because it is my understanding that Amex is not affected.

  • Can I do the same with QF for domestic upgrades.  I understand that international upgrades are based on status

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  • [QUOTE=15591;36592] Hi, Anyone know whether I will get the 100% point bonus if I book SQ flights via Virgin website? I am a Virgin Platinum.I know I will earn 2 point per miles if I book direct with SQ for SQ flight.Thanks Yes if is a VA flight.  I did this once but never again.&...

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