• Hopefully, it would only be a minor Covid-19 infection...A bit of a lottery, and a risk I am not prepared to take. Video conferencing has never looked better, if at times frustrating/

  • Hi Georgia747, great news. Pleased Qantas eventually came through. In the end I had all my monies and points refunded...just need patience and a lot of persistence.

  • Hi Georgia747, you could try Qantas Facebook, and keep hammering them there, as well as emails. Sooner or later, they will respond due to the constant requests from you. Good luck.

  • Yeah, geertj, we would have been flying next month..probably one of our last long trips and was F or J everywhere. But, better home safe and sound than in a hospital some where wondering if we will survive.

  • Hi geertj....Saw this in the Guardian."Scurrah said people with bookings on Virgin should “expect to fly” once the restrictions on travel are lifted.The plan was to keep flying during administration, he said.Scurrah said there was no intention to cancel flight credits and that the goodwill associ...

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