• Really enjoyed reading this review and the tip & details in it. Especially the bit about the small wine bottle being 1.8 standard drinks - very useful info for us light drinkers!!

  • You may want to consider a local pre-paid SIM. The data allocations with a local SIM are measured in GB - the financial risk with roaming SIMs and their associated data costs just isn't worth it. Things like software updates will eat your roaming data allocation (which is usually only tens or hun...

  • The logic of sitting at the back.

    Mar 16, 2015, 03:17 PM

    @Peter's reason is the main driver for my seating preferences. I usually fly economy and I value window seats with only 1 seat next to them, like the last few rows of a 747. As for noise / engine noise, my Bose QC20i headphones takes care of that for me, and I'm totally ok with turbulence, too.