• Review: Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

    Sep 02, 2019, 10:26 AM

    Thanks for review and comments Have booked this for forthcoming trip February next PER-CHC-PER as flying Emirates on the SYD-CHC leg and will look ar Rydges CHC too

  • Well Perth still gets substandard planes The much vaunted 787 ..one a day is a 1am departure from PerthMost of the others are old 772s with angle flat seats in bizNo 180 lie flats on any flights that I am aware ofNo PEQatar and Emirates have A380s .. Hello Singapore..a shame because a lot of Sing...

  • Please Qantas just getting rid of that awful 737 PER TO SIN on the one per day..would be nice for mostly forgotten WA peopleSomething with a 2 ...2 config in economy and a PE section as well would be much netter

  • Well its a lot better than those tired old 777.200s with their 2.2.2 configuration, however once again Perth is a forgotten backwater..no PEOnly PE to Europe is th longer journey with Cathay or Qantas non stop to LondonIt is also much better than those passenger unfriendly 737s Qantas insult us with

  • A pity Borghetti doesn’t try flying in the back row of a 737They might be good for airlines but like the airbus 3:3 layout planes are the most passenger horrible planes for a couple in economyThe A330 does it much better especially for transcontinental flights and many would be happy to pa...

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  • Qantas Boeing 787 business class

    Oct 31, 2017, 02:31 PM

    I reckon the 787 QF9 Perth to London should be very goodI live in Perth so hop on here and step off in London..how good is thatHave just booked for my wife and myself for 2018The seats are wider than most other airlines other than Singapore

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