• Except you don't earn reward point on either scheme if you pay with a fuel card!

  • As a sometimes Roadie and more often self funded / points J flyer, I am thinking how would this work for a 20-30% premium. The seat J, space, food, service, entertainment and general experience is the same, the extras are WiFi (required) and saving 4 hours. My road worrier self will look for th...

  • Qantas Airbus A380 for Sydney-Tokyo

    Jun 07, 2019, 03:45 PM

    Vote 2 for the SYD-SIN-HND-SIN-SYD route QF81 A380 replacement, arrive early evening HND. Late night flight out of Tokyo and we get a new early morning (daytime) flight out of SIN.

  • QF don't have on the 787-9 so I agree an understandable space including 1st toilets, galley etc. vs demand. Interestingly they are running 359's to Gatwick, would have though there was demand and PER lots of newly rich mining boom executives coming on, maybe not.

  • Thanks for the report Raja. I flew Syd-Mel-LHR QF9 J/Bus in May. My comments and i agree with a number of yours, agree its a great seat (7k) foot well a little cramped and the shade was down for the whole trip so you don't get the sense or visuals of flying across the Middle East and Europe, wh...

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  • Hi Mr T. To me it’s a case of want or need. If you happy in PE and happier in J then go for it. Non business days tues-thur are generally better chances. As is gold and lots of FF points. Yes expert flyer is a help but not for 2019. Avoid May to July but you still might be lucky. It you N...

  • I am trying to route an European flight through DXB using QF numbers (got to have those SC's) and the best / only option is EK417 as QF now goes through SIN. It appears that QF are not code sharing this flight and that makes the whole booking, onward connections on QF code shares impossible. QF...

  • Emirates Lounge Bangkok

    Dec 05, 2016, 03:33 PM

    The EK BKK Lounge is open 3 hours before departure.First departure after noon is EK 384 at 13:45 so should be open at 10.45amDepartures continue without a 3 hour gap until till EK375 at 09.30am.  I think you could assume that the lounge is open 24 hours a day :-)   Happy lounging.

  • QF 747 J class on HND-SYD route

    Aug 08, 2016, 11:10 PM

    QF fly 747 on this route. They have both configuration sky mark 1 with old F and all Sky mark 2. To confirm which, check seat maps downstairs rows 1-4. If this is 1-2-1 its first and sky 1. If it's 2-2-2 it's sky 2there is an article in austbt about flying F and paying J. Helps work out wher...

  • Thanks for all your answers - some good advice (except getting lost :0)) 

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