• Those QANTAS cocoon business class seats are a shocker, no air circulates and they are like concrete to sleep on.

  • Never likes the cocoon beds in business on Qantas, they were hot and uncomfortable, especially the window, which missed the airflow. So avoided Qantas A380 business and went first when I had to. Qantas should copy Emirates Business Class bar area, cause what they propose is silly and unwork...

  • Cause they will have seen the comments here, had the phone calls yesterday (mentioned above) and be in a panic, before the mainstream media picks it up. I can guarantee they will be in a panic. I know someone in there high up and alerted them yesterday to the firestorm and they already knew!! ...

  • Good to see the Members making "Sweeping Changes"and sweeping the floor with AMEX. I have a hunch, they are in emergency meetings and there will be a backflip. Looks like they picked the wrong focus group panels to substantiate their changes.

  • AMEX is doing everything to drive customers away in the last few years. Why pay so much for the card, when its value is lowered every year.

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