• Qantas Double Status Credits promo

    Feb 03, 2018, 09:04 AM

    What if you book a trip now to take advantage of DSC for mid 2018, but later in the year you need to change the date of the trip (outbounb and inbound both).. the original ticket was booked with the DSC offer, but the change might happen in July say for a August booking.. does this still qualify ...

  • Qantas sit up, look, listen, and LEARN from Emirates. No need to gouge loyal customers to make money Offer what they want as a full service airline, and they will keep coming back

  • Changing AUD to USD in cash... did a comprehensive review ringing around a whole heap of places. including that ksd place in citibank tower and all the other ones suggested. i found the cheapest today to be UAE Exchange, chatswood branch. It seems even amongst the UAE exchange branches there is ...

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