• Qantas Airbus A380 for Sydney-Tokyo

    Jun 03, 2019, 05:17 PM

    There's one catch though: QF arrives early in the morning (when there's really not many flights) and depart after 10 (although a fair bit of arrivals, but nowhere as many as during the daytime)

  • Do they even cooperate that much? I can hardly think of any examples where QF influenced FJ in any decisions these days

  • Rumor says the planes come from Hong Kong Airlines - given it's C33 in business which is identical to HNA Group's new A350 config (plus the same Super Diamond seat in Business) I found this rumor to be credible.

  • Just my 1c but converting from A330 to A350 is easier than converting to 7810 (and pilots can hold dual type ratings for both); they also has relationship with RR due A330 so that might also help.

  • CES's own ones currently doesn't fly to anywhere but domestic; however Shanghai Airlines' ones (with identical hardware and config) flies from Shanghai to MEL, SIN and soon BUD.Michael