• Qantas' new Perth transit lounge

    Feb 07, 2018, 12:45 PM

    Man Qantas waist' cash. They really do not put effort into planning. Why waist millions of dollars. Is this because they regret taking the option to be the first ones into the domestic pier at the international side of the airport? Just remember...the Qantas precinct gets demolished by what...2025?

  • If you really wanted PE, why wouldn't you just pay the $450? The benefits achieved from status surely outweigh the cost of the original ticket anyway? Lounge, Drinks, Peace and Quiet from a busy terminal, higher earnings, speedy security and check in etc..

  • there are a lot of variables which come to play when upgrades are awarded, there may not be enough catering for a commercial passenger for example if the upgrade was awarded. However, putting a staff member without catering in business would be more of an ideal situation and less of a bad reputa...

  • I've noticed you can also withdraw for free from a WestPac ATM. has anyone else discovered this too?