• Nice touch from qantas. was about to lose my silver status this month but a letter arrive in the mail - we realise that you haven't qualified to retain your silver status, but we will give it to you ...cheers qantas..........got to say qantas are winning me back. The only benefit for me is not ha...

  • should mention the phone company is called SIMPLE ...and for a reason. Just google them.

  • Got back from the states two days ago, tried at and t and they were no help, went to T Mobile linked store on broadway and asked them how to use my iphone 4 they got me on to simple which was pricey ($60 for the month and $20 for the sim) they cut it and registered it immediately. was done in 5 m...

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  • simcorner for me too. Popped it in in my iphone5 at DFW and all good to go!!

  • Thanks....arriving mid morning. Happy enough to cough up $5 for train.I have bags to check in, I assume I cant get through security with them to access the tarmac shuttle???

  • Any tips on a swift transfer from Sydney Domestic (arriving JQ Terminal 2) to QF International. I will need to collect bags.Am I better getting the train or bus?i have 2 hrs 40 mins between ETA Domestic and ETD International. I have priority check in.

  • Seat selection on SYD-DFW

    Jan 27, 2015, 09:54 AM

    Surely I am the bastard then rather than the late booker.Thanks for the answer - that too is what my concious is dealing with.

  • Seat selection on SYD-DFW

    Jan 27, 2015, 09:18 AM

    Thanks everyone.....answers were along the lines i was thinking - hoping the tanking dollar will reduce capacity enough to keep the 4 seats....

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