Seat selection on SYD-DFW

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Family of three traveling SYD DFW have selected seats D,Gand F in the hope of getting the four seats.....what do you think of my chances of the E seat being selected?


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I think it's unlikely that someone will select that seat of their own accord, but it might be handed out later by the computer.


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Agreed, in those multiple middle seat configurations (3-4), the middle of those middle seats are the last seats to be selected (if the aisle seats are occupied). Of course, not much help if Y is fully booked or overbooked. The only certainty is buying that seat yourself, otherwise you roll the dice (especially since it's more common that Economy is more full than not).


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You have nothing to lose. I suppose it depends on how full the flight is


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Perhaps, though I also consider this kind of practice pretty ethically iffy, and it happens quite a lot with couples trying to snag three seats between them.

Why is it ethically iffy? Think about the poor bastard trying to book a seat later on a nearly full flight. He's got the choice between your row's E seat and an aisle seat up the back of the plane. He doesn't know that you're willing to trade E for D if it comes to that.

Moreover I think the "What if everyone did this?" argument applies. If every couple flying together tried to snag A and C then the good seats would book out much faster, leaving late-booking solo travellers a whole bunch of B seats to look at. They're not going to know which B seats are going to turn into aisle seats the moment they show up and try to park their butt between a couple, they're just going to have to book on blind luck.

Nope, I think if you want to travel together you should book adjacent seats, and if you want a spare seat you should pay for it.


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Surely I am the bastard then rather than the late booker.

Thanks for the answer - that too is what my concious is dealing with.



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In worse case scenario you always can ask for exchange D and E – I would not believe that anyone would object.


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Thanks everyone.....answers were along the lines i was thinking - hoping the tanking dollar will reduce capacity enough to keep the 4 seats....



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its a gamble - have tried to do it in Emirates business - the middle 3 - where i have put the 2 of us together leaving the aisle seat free - would never try the 3 seat split as not worth the agro that might go with the seat change - plus its slightly iffy morally really (although understandable of course to try to get an extra seat) - probably more worth it in economy than in business though!

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