• The economics must have worked for them as you have some premuim end pax and the 787s are fuel efficient.Air NZ seem to think they can make the 787 work for relatively short sectors but Joyce ruled out the 787 for domestic services.

  • It was the 737 that required you to remove the overwing exit in case of emergency if sitting at that location.It would be the crew that arm/disarm and deploy the slides on the 747.

  • Agree JKH on a twin isle but having experienced both the A320 & 737 i feel the Airbus a more pleasant experience if having to be in a narrow body.

  • Both the 737 Max & A320 Neo run the Leap engine so operating costs would be similar so why would it be a given that the 737 would get the nod.It would come down to who gives the best price i would think.JQ have Neos on order so it would make economic sense to have an all Airbus narrow body f...

  • Hawk the Qantas & Jetconnect 737s are identical apart from Nz crews on Jetconnect and the later delivered Qf 737s have the sky interior.

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