• The new Virgin terminal is open at Terminal 1 in Perth... this is also the "international" terminal, and has a Virgin lounge. So to move from an international flight to domestic, no terminal change is required... just customs clearance. Leaving on an international flight, you still have to ...

  • A fish tank in a plane... yes please! I wonder how it handles take-off, landing and turbulance!?

  • Tell us more... how to you know, and what do you know?

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  • PER -> JNB return .

    Dec 06, 2014, 06:35 PM

    PER -> JNB return ... any idea on Velocity points required for a Business Reward seat? I'd say east coast would be similar... I just want an idea so I know what to save up for. I'm guessing 150,000 - 175,000... I know normal business is heaps more, hence the reward seat option.

  • Are there any Australian business bank cards linked to Velocity FF other than AMEX?

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