• I'm waiting on a refund from Thai Air for 2 business class tickets BK to SYD booked through a travel agent . I have no confidence in getting a refund or a travel voucher.  Good look to all QANTAS ticket holders. You may have a better chance than me. Thai Air are in big financial trouble. 

  • I have used Covermore for over 25 years. The last 6 years in my retirement I have had one year multiple travel policies end on end virtually continuously. They so easily have answered the phones and taken my money. Now I need to make a claim and they are virtually impossible to contact by phone o...

  • Gave qantas away over 20 years ago. Always better cheaper options than QF tickets and this is all hype and false hope. It will be sardine city as always. Allen seems to be getting like our politicians with all the porkys.

  • My wife and I now flying 4 times a year to Syd to Bk. The morning flight back to Syd really suited us. Hope that schedule does return as promised. The old 747 400 are getting tired , hopefully we might get nice replacements. Then again they are not the only airline flying Syd / BK so might look a...

  • Will sadly miss the bubble, as others mentioned it was great to climb those stairs. 

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