• Surely the meal preference was raw onions, no?

  • If a fare class is sold out, the next available fare for that date will be more expensive. Joyce doesn't sit in front of a computer and whacks prices for a promo. I booked J to London for the same price as prior to DSC. Now for the same dates prices are dearer as I bought the last fare in that cl...

  • If someone travelling on another airline will visit United lounge just to collect the pjs, United will be charging that said airline for the pax visit. I’m sure their rates recover the costs of those pjs, plus that may deter the passenger visiting the lounge of another carrier. It’s...

  • Before March ‘18, you could fly MEL-LHR on QF A380 (484 seats daily). After, you can fly MEL-PER-LHR on QF B787 (236 seats) and MEL-SIN-LHR on A380 (484 seats). How’s that a capacity cut?

  • Etihad drops business class PJs

    Sep 14, 2017, 10:23 PM

    Flying re-imagined?