• Apple doesn't have a 'problem' due to a lack of a 'killer product in 10 years' which is effectively saying Apple was better under Jobs. However, fun fact, Apple is better under Cook. While Jobs was ‘innovative', Cook champions compromise and compromise has made Apple, contingent upon the day, the...

  • Agree completely which is why I waited for Qantas to announce the cancellation of my specific international flights. After 4-hours on hold I was offered a credit as per the media release however, obtained a full refund after quoting 9.3 of the Conditions of Carriage. I don't blame ET for muddling...

  • Not only that, but it's not difficult to recognise the difference between the 15 and 13'in MBP. But hey, why use reason when you can go to the extreme and assert 'precaution'.

  • Correction 395$.

  • This and what the fee for their Black card will be going forward are the questions I have. I do not see the value in paying 395pa just for the MC when I’ve only used it where AMEX was’t accepted.

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