• Not only that, but it's not difficult to recognise the difference between the 15 and 13'in MBP. But hey, why use reason when you can go to the extreme and assert 'precaution'.

  • Correction 395$.

  • This and what the fee for their Black card will be going forward are the questions I have. I do not see the value in paying 395pa just for the MC when I’ve only used it where AMEX was’t accepted.

  • True, but what is utterly ridiculous is the Citibank AU isn't on board when it's offered in America. I emailed Citi about 1.5 years ago re the issue and they responded stating they have no plans to support Apple Pay which is unfortunate given the number of Cards they underwrite including Coles.

  • BMW's new shark-nosed Z4 roadster

    Aug 19, 2017, 09:49 AM

    I don’t think the average consumer will care about the Z4/Supra connection and while the examples you noted are indeed notable failures, more recent success such as the GT84/BRZ are more likely to register before the aforementioned… especially with older Millennials like myself...