• @ David is it possible to find out if existing Premier Platinum members are eligible for the bonus? I checked the T&Cs which just says “New to Qantas Premier” which could mean any Premier Card.

  • Jul 22, 2016, 03:41 PM

    I had the ANZ Rewards and applied or the Qantas, recieved a call and was advised that if I haved my Rewards limit they would approve the Qantas without an applicaiton (Credit check ect) I asked about the bonus (reason for applying) yep no problems as they are different cards.

  • Virgin Australia may be looking at doing something simmar with row 3 being a "paid upgrade" based on some survey questions asked of some members recently.

  • Just booked Frist Class on a return flight Tokyo to Sydney using AA Miles so I hope they stick with the 777-330ER!!

  • I note that the winner of this competition was never announced and that nothing has been suggested on Virgin Business class flights that the meals where from a competition. No idea what happened with Virgin on this one but looks like they have just passed this one on. Now reading the T&C's th...

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