• I was allocated to the first cabin when I first booked for flight to HKG in Jan 19, but now as been bumped back to upstairs Business seats, (FF Plat) and no way of even viewing downstairs.Anyone encountered this?

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  • Originally Posted by nmalon : Qantas and AA use different back ends. AA bookings never show up on your Qantas bookings screen unless it is booked through QF or is part of a Qantas issued eticket. Points and status credits are credited to your QFF account pretty quickly after the flight. Cheers f...

  • Hi, just wondering if anyone encounter or has the solution to this. Booked a flight on AA, from MXP-JFK (the only option really) through AMEX, I have put in my QF FF, but it doesn't appear on my QF FF booking. Also flying QR, and those flight came on to the QF FF bookings.Any thoughts?Thanks.

  • Well, I live in Sydney, and under the flight path of the South runway only if they take off to the north and make a right ie bace down the south. I have to say, it can get quite noisy on the weekends but I'm talking about 3-4 times during the day. In the morning as soon as 6am comes. I can hear t...

  • Well, lucky me!! Hope more luck comes my way!!!

  • It appears that QANTAS are flying the A380 again SYD-HKG, booked in to fly to HKG on 3/4, the aircraft changed from B747 to A380, hoping they keep that. Wondering what happens to their First Class, as First Class fares still doesn't exist when booking.

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