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  • Why does Qantas fly a 737 to Sinapore from Perth (international flight 5hrs +) with those terrible sit up seats? Yet manages to fly flat bed seats across OZ (4hr flight) at the same cost? Qantas are simply ripping business customers off. If you run business class your fleet seats should be consis...

  • Mar 10, 2017, 04:14 PM

    Qantas worst J class seat Perth- Singapore & return on that crop duster they use for domestic flights the 737-800 (oh with winglets makes me more comfortable already). Sat next to Kim Beazly once and he is a very tall and large man that could bearly get in his seat....poor bugger!

  • Hence why they dont have a window. Image taking the thrown and watching the World go by, no one else could use the loo for hours!! Maybe read a paper/magazine as well? lol

  • Cant wait to use my hard earned points to upgrade to crappy business class seating from Perth to Singapore. Just discovered Scoot business class for $800 return for a bigger seat. Qantas you are sucking big time all due to Share Holders pressure and the Irish CEO

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  • Just a thought for you all and the airlines....some of us with medical conditions (IBS/Chrones etc) pay for a little more emotional security by paying for a better chance to find a loo (pax v toilets ratio) in business. So economy passengers should respect this fact and airlines should enforce it...

  • For us morons what does OEB & OJD stand for???

  • Qantas' miserly approach to upgrades

    Sep 19, 2018, 07:43 PM

    QANTAS yer right! Been FF since 1995 been plat/gold and silver lifetime NEVER had an upgrade, ever! Qantas are generally miserable with everything including costs of business class fares. Why pay $10k to got to USA J class when Qatar do it for $7500? Get points and status why bother with the "Flo...

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