• Haneda vs Narita for biz travellers

    Jul 29, 2015, 11:49 PM

    I stayed at the Toyoko Inn Narita a couple of times. Basic hotel, but has all the essentials you need (plus Brekkie is free). Free bus shuttles run between the hotel and the terminals.

  • Living in Japan right now and I fly JAL on Class J often since I am a QFF. Its very basic, but I like flying in it, mostly for the generous Status Credits I get from it (which is how I went from Bronze to Gold in a short time!)

  • Even when you do fly Dom J on JAL, for just 1000 yen extra and generous SC's, you'd be going up the ranks on QFF in no time!(Went from Bronze to Gold in the space of a year due to my numerous travels between Yamaguchi/Fukuoka and Tokyo)

  • I currently live in Japan (in the countryside) and I usually take the Shinkansen if my end destination can be reached within 3 hours. Anything further, I take the plane. (An example is that I currently live on the Western tip of Honshu and will take the Shinkansen up to Kyoto. To Tokyo, I'd take ...

  • About to try this service in around 12 hours time (NRT-SYD). I can't wait!

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  • Best airline for Sydney > Tokyo?

    Apr 14, 2015, 06:42 PM

    Not sure when you are flying, but just remember, if you are flying direct from August, if you choose QF, you will fly direct to Haneda (HND) which is closer to Tokyo, while flying JL will bring you to Narita (NRT), which is the furthest airport from Tokyo.

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