• Gold and platinum FFs usually see more award availability than bronze and silver

  • Mate, British Airways Exec Club is way worse than QFF too! No point bashing Qantas just for the sake of it!

  • British Airways opens new Rome lounge

    Apr 17, 2018, 08:07 PM

    Wow! What a change to the lounge I was in last August. I just hope they've upped the catering from stale bread, cold ham and oily pasta!

  • Unfortunately the last few times I've flown out of T5 over the past few months, this has been changed to a sickly sweey cava  which is just painful to drink. 

  • JQ isn't a oneworld member which is why Cathay members can't access lounges when travelling on JQ...  VA's programme isn't simple at all - just in Sydney the apparently send you to a different lounge depending on where you're flying to. Just try flying around Europe and South America on VA'...

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