• Air. Air vents for all seats

  • Thanks, FLX, that makes sense. I'm upset with 3-3-3 because the 787 is the only aircraft from my preferred airlines that serves my most common routes, and since I tend to book last minute Y tickets, even as Emerald I get stuck in a middle most of the time (no PE product yet). 9 across on any...

  • I long ago accepted the 9-abreast 787 cabin, but why does it have to be 3-3-3? Why not 2-5-2? The benefits to the latter are obvious - there are only 18 "true" middle seats, whereas in the 3-3-3 there are 54 (using 18 full rows for 162 seats, the four outliers to reach QF's stated 166 Y seats hav...

  • Talking point: BYO IFE

    Aug 10, 2016, 10:10 PM

    I almost always watch the airline's IFE, unless it's very limited or I'm not in the mood for video. No need to pull out my tablet/laptop, monitor battery charge/manage multiple charging cables, and manage meals and beverages vs electronics when there's a perfectly useful screen in front of me.

  • Careful with that - the Americas is a big place! As a Santiago-based flyer, no way do I want to go that far out of my way... ;)

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  • US Domestic Lounge Access

    May 24, 2018, 05:46 AM

    There's a lot of confusing information here.The AA Admirals Clubs are going through extensive renovations and now offer a much greater variety of food and seating in many - but not all - clubs. That said, if you have access to the Flagship Lounges (LAX, ORD, JFK, MIA for now), that's the way to g...

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