• talk about being ahead of the curve, david, as in "you read it here on ABT first."when i phoned JAL reservations in japan just now to select my new seat on my may flight. they still had the old 777 configuration in their system. they didn't even know about the aircraft change but after checking w...

  • in my experience, higher level e.g. platinum frequent flyers could often have the $30 credit card fee waived on "big ticket" buys e.g. first-class around the world. might be worth at least asking when the new fee is imposed. nothing to lose, everything to gain.

  • another top travel tip, thanks chris. do you know how much longer this will be offered? you have to start the 90-day period within 14 days of applying for the promotion challenge..and i won't have a chance to book any UA flights until toward the end of the year.

  • Thanks, Chris. Had to decide whether to go first class on the A380 via LAX or 747 biz class on the direct flight to SFO. apparently if you are platinum they try to give you an empty seat next to you if the cabin isn't full – so we'll see which is better.  Will enjoy the Qantas first lo...

  • What

    Oct 02, 2015, 12:08 PM

    thanks, chris. it was a qantas person, obviously not too experienced when she couldn't find qf12 which is the A380 leaving half an hour later. so all good, and i probably wouldn't have caught this until too late if it hadn't been for you...much appreciated!

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