• Walked past it the other weekend, there was security in the lobby and no access to general public. So yes, seems like it is.I suppose they refurbished half the rooms while the other half is being used for quarrantine?

  • When will this be updated in the GDS? I have a booking to SFO in Jan which is still showing a 747.

  • Coldn't find any documentation regarding how to request a linked Diners Club if you're already a cardholder. Found the option in my Citibank online account.Login, Hover over 'Services', click 'Card Services', under 'Credit Card Services' click 'Request a Linked Diners Club Card'.

  • Ah I see now, the Vantage business seats don't 'stagger' or integrate with the First seats at all. You'd think they'd make the first seats wider in that case, as well as the console a bit lower given there isn't a need to put feet underneath it.

  • Even that can't strictly be true. If you look at AusBT's article on Vantage First - https://www.executivetraveller.com/vantage-first-qantas-a330-boeing-787-business-class-seat-gets-first-class-upgradeIt can be seen that Vantage First is closely integrated with the Vantage XL seats in that the sta...

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