• No he is not correct. The 380 or 748 would not have the range to make such a flight. The 350 is hardly a class replacement for the 767 and 330 and more to compete with the 787, which is a wide body used for medium or long haul routes (although SQ uses the 787 for even short haul routes). Even Qan...

  • Red is considered an auspicious colour to the Chinese and so I guess thats why they went with that colour, plus its the colour of its livery.

  • Dec 02, 2016, 07:39 PM

    Singapore airline pods are terribly uncomfortable. The distance between the table and the seat is too close and its hard to get in and out of the pod and the backing of the seat is too far to lean back into. These pods look great but they are not too comfortable to actually sit and do work out. I...

  • Singapore Airlines has not been on top of its game for the last few years. The first class suites from Etihad would be extremely difficult to beat. 

  • is it possible to get to the lounge once you have checked into other terminals?

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