Vodafone cuts fees for global roamers

By Michael Flux, November 4 2010
Vodafone cuts fees for global roamers

Here's some good news for Vodafone customers travelling to New Zealand and Singapore: From today, the mobile provider are reducing their international roaming rates to the cost of a standard call.

Previously, roaming calls in the two countries were charged $1 plus the standard call rate.

Vodafone have also reduced rates for roaming downloads in New Zealand, now charging $2 per MB until February 9th, 2011.

Keep in mind, however, that these new rates are in effect only for postpaid voice and Mobile Broadband users who have opted-in to be a part of Vodafone Traveller.

The changes make Vodafone one of the best providers for roaming calls in Singapore and New Zealand.

Optus also offer decent rates for Singapore, no surprise as it's owned by Singapore Telecommunications, charging $0.60 per minute for calls within the country, though calls to New Zealand are not so hot at $1.50 per minute.  Telstra charge $1.28 for calls within New Zealand and $0.85 within Singapore.

To send a standard SMS through any Australian roaming provider costs 75 cents.

For those who make a lot of calls or download a bit when they're overseas, roaming mobile can cost a fortune. It's far cheaper to buy a new SIM card at your destination. Still, purchasing and activating a new SIM can take a lot of time and hassle. Being able to use your Australian SIM overseas is a convenient, if costly, alternative.

We're hoping the reduced rates from Vodafone inspire some competition in the market for roaming mobile, making it a more viable option for overseas travellers.

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07 Dec 2010

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But Vodafone have also dramatically increased the complexity of working out how much global roaming costs. Now you have to add a "roaming premium" onto a "standard call cost" that is anything but standard. And there is a flagfall. And the voicemail trombone still means you are charged for three calls every voicemail.

And you have to opt-in to their Traveller rates. Oh, and it all ends on Feb 9th.

Bottom-line, it still costs a large amount. For almost all countries, vRoam will be cheaper, https://www.vroam.com/

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