Revealed: Melbourne Airport's cheapest car parking

By Chris Chamberlin, March 11 2014
Revealed: Melbourne Airport's cheapest car parking

Trying to cut down your expenses on the ever-increasing cost of parking at Melbourne Airport?

There are plenty of alternatives to paying top dollar at the airport's official car parking facility, thanks to the many independent parking facilities huddled around the Tullamarine area, with some offering parking for less than half the cost of the airport's own long-term car parks.

Most of these 'off-site' car park companies have a free shuttle service to the airport and back.

Their pricing is calculated on the length of your stay, but even if you’ve found the cheapest parking for a two day stay, it always pays to shop around if headed on a longer journey.

The cheapest company for a day trip might not be the cheapest for an overnighter or a week long holiday.

To help you out, we've crunched the numbers to find the best deals on off-site Melbourne Airport parking from a single day up to five days.

Most off-site car parks give you a choice between open air or undercover parking, with the latter attracting a small premium.

Other than knowing the location, the only thing you’ll usually need to do is make a booking with your preferred ahead of your arrival.

While the parking might be cheaper, you risk being stung by a cancellation fee if your travel plans change at short notice. If that sounds like you, investigate any potential change or cancellation fees before hand over your hard-earned.

Melbourne’s independent airport car parks

To begin, here's a handy list of off-site independent car park facilities near Melbourne Airport.

A1 Airport Parking
Where: 133-141 Western Avenue, Tullamarine (Westmeadows on GPS)
Hours: Open 24/7

Ace Airport Parking
Where:189D South Centre Road, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Airport Corporate Smartpark
Where: 4-8 Sabre Court, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Alpha Airport Parking
Where: 8 International Square, Tullamarine
05:00-23:00 most days

Andrew's Airport Parking
Where: 247 Mickleham Road, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Busy Beaver Airport Parking
Where: 16 Tullamarine Park Road, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Discount Airport Parking Melbourne
Where: 4-8 Sabre Court, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Easy Airport Parking
Where: 157 Mickleham Road, Tullamarine, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Goodyear Airport Parking
Where: 11 Garden Drive, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Jetaway Airport Parking
Where: 6 Prima Court, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Jetport Parking
Where: 33 Freight Road, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Melrose Airport Parking
Where: 390 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Parking Port Airport Parking
Where: 7 Adina Court, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Pink Elephant Airport Parking
Where: 7 Garden Drive, Tullamarine
Hours: 05:00-Midnight

Star Airport Parking
Where: 16 Tarmac Drive, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

United Airport Parking
Where: Corner Melrose & Trade Park Drives, Tullamarine
Hours: Open 24/7

Best Melbourne Airport parking for day trips, overnight stays and five day sojourns

We've crunched the numbers – here are the cheapest parking options at Melbourne Airport.

Day trip, open air
For stays of 1 day (i.e. same day in/out), Melbourne Airport's official Long Term Parking is the cheapest option, but only if you book ahead online. As long as you're able to book at least 2 hours ahead of your arrival, you'll be able to get much better pricing than the drive-up rates. We found different rates ranging from $11 - 13 for a one day booking, compared to $25 if you show up without a booking. Out of the third-party carparks, A1 Airport Parking had the cheapest rate of $14, with Busy Beaver Airport Parking a close second at $15

Day trip, undercover
If you prefer undercover parking, both Star Airport Parking and A1 Airport Parking are the cheapest options at $16 per day, with Easy Airport Parking coming in second with a $17 daily rate.

Overnight stay, open air
Overnight stays are typically charged at a two day rate by the third party car parks, however the official Melbourne Long Term car park charges in 24-hour blocks - therefore, if your overnight trip will be less than 24 hours, you can snag a rate of between $11 - $13 from the official airport car park, as long as you book ahead online.

If your trip is longer than 24 hours, competitively priced Star Airport Parking wins another round with a rate of just $19, followed by Busy Beaver Airport Parking at $22 and Alpha Airport ParkingA1 Airport Parking and Easy Airport Parking all at $25.

Overnight stay, undercover
In a near-predictable pattern, Star Airport Parking wins again with an undercover rate of $26. Jetaway, Busy Beaver, Alpha and Easy Airport Parking are your next-best options at $30.

Five days (four nights), open air
Jetaway, Alpha and Easy Airport Parking all tie for the best value third-party carpark for a five-day trip, with an open air rate of $45 - the best parking price for a working week away.

Five days (four nights), undercover
With a $52 rate, Easy Airport Parking comes in first place, ahead of Alpha at $55 and Star, which charges $61.

The pricing shown here is correct as at July, 2016, however car park operators frequently adjust pricing – so do confirm in advance before making a booking.

What you'd pay for car parking at Melbourne Airport 

Compare the rates above to what you'd pay at the airport's official car park and you can see why people make the effort to park elsewhere, as there can be significant savings. That being said, Melbourne's own carparks do sometimes offer special rates and promotions so it's worth checking before booking with a third-party. Also keep in mind that you'll usually get a much better price when booking ahead, rather than just driving up. 

One day (same day in/out) open air
The airport's 'long term' car park charges a $25 drive up rate, while if you book ahead you can sometimes secure rates as low as $11 - $13

One day undercover
In the multi-level terminal car park, $41 is the daily charge – this is the closest option for T1, T2 and T3. 

Two days (one night) open air
The drive-up rate for a period longer than 24-hours is $49 - booking ahead can bring the price down to between $20 and $46.

Two days (one night) undercover
Prices skyrocket to triple digits at this stage, with the total hitting $119 in just one night of undercover parking at a drive-up rate – we've seen cheaper hotels than that! Booking online can bring this down to $61, but it's not guaranteed to be available. 

Five days open air
The 'long term' car parks offer a $79 drive-up rate for this time period, but booking ahead can bring that down to $46 - $76

Five days undercover
Heading away for the working week would set you back $149 - $159 in the multi-level structure - again, booking ahead online is the smart move as you'll be able to save $28 - $30 off that price.

Other parking operators

Have we missed your favourite off-airport car park? Let us know who you park with in the comments section below.

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Chris Chamberlin

Chris Chamberlin is the Associate Editor of Executive Traveller and lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, a theatre ticket and a glass of wine!


11 Sep 2012

Total posts 21

We often use Andrew's Airport Parking and also Europcar however I haven't compared their rates.

Lately for short trips, I've been pre-booking Melbourne Airport parking as they reduce the rates.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

03 Apr 2013

Total posts 47


They have flattened our battery after we asked them to not do anything to our car and then tried to blame it on us. Some of our fiends used them and they moved there car out onto suburban streets. 

12 Jun 2013

Total posts 744

Yep, $25 for the weekend at the official long-term parking most weekends, I find. And then it's quicker and less annoying to walk to the terminal than to catch the bus.

Any more than a few days in the carpark and it becomes cheaper to get a taxi ($100 total, eek). 


12 Apr 2013

Total posts 1446

Ah good old days when multilevel was about $10 for two days and long term was completely free! These days I avoid parking at airport at any cost – always organizing someone to drop off and pick up. But if you meeting someone who arrives and especially those who unfamiliar with Melbourne airport, you have no choice, but use multilevel. “Standard” bill is $20. Agrhhhh…

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Sep 2012

Total posts 18

It's been a while since I've driven to the airport (A Taxi from the CBD or even slumming it on the Skybus just makes life much easier), but I'm sure there's a sneaky little business car park (near T2?) that has great weekend rates (~$50).


12 Mar 2014

Total posts 1

You can also pre-book your parking at the long term parking at Melboune Airport too. Its often not that different to some of these other guys - I'm paying $52 for 5 days. It also means I can still walk to the terminal (if I'm lucky to get one of the closer car parks).

25 Mar 2014

Total posts 1

I use Europcar Parking I have found them to be fantastic over the years.I have just noticed they are willing to price match-you cant beat that.

I have clipped the link if anyone is interested.

Europcar Airport Parking have just announced they are price matching any advertised Melbourne outdoor parking rate.

I think it runs until June

23 Dec 2014

Total posts 1

I parked my car with Star Parking recently for a week and also had my car washed. They only had one van and I had to wait for a while to be picked up on my return journey. I was disappointed with the quality of the car wash and asked for a refund and was promised that it will credited back to my account. More than a week went by and it was not done. I called anc complained and the guy on the phone started arguing with me and even abused me verbally. Needless to say, I never got my refund. I would never use their service again. You can try at your own peril.

On the other hand, I have used A1 twice and their service were very professional and courteous. I will keep using them.


Emirates Airlines - Skywards

30 Nov 2015

Total posts 745

That's terrible service, use United Airport Parking, you wont be sorry. They have those mini buses doing laps of the airport, I never wait long at all, infact they are usually at the pickup point always.

06 Feb 2015

Total posts 1

thanks for the tip for online booking of long term car park at airport. It was the cheapest parking for an overnight weekend park by a margin

Do not use JETAWAY! Very bad experience.

On my way back from the airport to the carpark, I missed the shuttle bus by one second (literally drove off before my eyes). I called them to ask when the next bus will arrive, and was told that it "won't be long" - only to find out afterwards that they charged me $15 AIRPORT CHARGE for sending a shuttle bus to pick me up, which they not disclose this information to me beforehand. I tried arguing with the manager on this but was rudely dismissed.

Shocking service, and just wrong to make money from customer this way. Needless to say I will never use them again.


Emirates Airlines - Skywards

30 Nov 2015

Total posts 745

I have used United Airport parking, no booking ever needed, 24/7 access, drive and park car, lock, and take keys with you, it's totally secure, under cctv, highrise, two elevators, well lit up in the night, right next door to the Mantra, they take you in mini bus to Airport. There are staff always around, any time of the day or night it is secure and you feel safe arriving and departing in the wee hours of the morning, I would go one step further and say it is always spotless, and the car parking bays are big and generous, well discovered by all the expensive German cars that always park there. Fees are very competitive.

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