787 Dreamliner suffers more delays

By Michael Flux, November 8 2010
787 Dreamliner suffers more delays

After years of delays, some customers of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner will have an even longer wait on their hands.

Sources speaking to Aviation Week claimed that Korean Air will receive the first of its order in August of 2012, a delay of ten months, while Air India will be delayed by five months, receiving its first plane in October 2011.

For its part, a spokesperson from Boeing has stated, “We don’t comment on the individual delivery schedules of our customers. We work with them. Delivery dates can change for a variety of reasons.”

All Nippon Airways are set to be the first recipients of the Dreamliner and are scheduled to receive the first of their order in February of next year.  

Boeing had planned on having the 787 Dreamliner in the skies in 2008. Since then, the aircraft has suffered from delays, due to a range of technical and mechanical difficulties that it has encountered.

While Boeing continues to work to get the 787 released, some airlines are looking to seek compensation. All Nippon Airways CEO Shinichiro Ito has stated, "We've been talking to them for a while. Compensation in situations like this is a 'regular procedure' between the manufacturer and operator".

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