Amazon Australia to launch this week?

By David Flynn, November 22 2017
Amazon Australia to launch this week?

Amazon Australia is expected to go online at 2pm tomorrow, Thursday November 23, marking the company's long-awaited local launch.

Australian customers who have become used to buying from Amazon's overseas arms will be keen to check out both the range carried by the online shopping colossus as well as the pricing in comparison to the US-based Amazon mothership or outlets in other countries.

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An email sent to Amazon's local marketplace partners and published by LifeHacker says sellers should be ready for first orders from 2pm Thursday, although access will initially be limited to "a small number of customers" in the initial 'soft launch' phase.

However, it's expected that Amazon Australia will open its doors to all customers in the early morning of Friday November 24, which marks the annual Black Friday shopping mega-event held in the USA and is followed by the Cyber Monday online salesfest.

Amazon is said to have arranged two-day courier shipping within Australia.


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06 Feb 2014

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Will be very interesting to see how the delivery fees stand up. US and UK delivery fees are fairly modest (esp with Amazon Prime) but it will be interesting to see if they can make it work in Oz

18 Nov 2015

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Both delivery fees and delivery times will be the crucial part.

I'm living in London now, and I can buy online in the evening and it can be delivered the next day (sometimes free shipping if the order is over a certain amount). I'm not on Amazon Prime.

Or sometimes it will be free shipping for small orders. eg I bought something yesterday for around $12AUD, and it has free shipping (albeit 3-5 days -- I don't urgently need it).

One of the beauties of Amazon is how fast the purchase and check out process is. I was playing golf on Sunday and remembered I needed to buy more golf balls. In between shots, walking down the fairway, I was able to open the app, search for balls, add to cart, and checkout, within about 20 seconds.

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