British Airways sets WiFi free with gratis hour of inflight Internet

By David Flynn, February 2 2018
British Airways sets WiFi free with gratis hour of inflight Internet

If you're travelling on one of the three British Airways Boeing 747s currently fitted with inflight Internet, BA and credit card company Visa are now offering sixty minutes of free connectivity above the clouds.

The promotion, which BA says runs "for a limited time" (and that's all the information we have right now), gives you one hour on the basic Browse package – which normally costs £4.99 (A$8.70) – for Web, email and social media, but not video streaming.

If that whets your appetite and you want more time online, you can plonk down £10.99 for four hours or £14.99 for a 'flight pass' to stay online for the length of your entire journey.

If more speed is what you need, the faster Stream service kicks off at £7.99 for one hour, with four hours priced at £17.99 and a flight pass at £23.99.

BA says its working hard to get over a hundred jets in its long-range international fleet kitted out with WiFi over the coming two years with the Boeing 747 jumbo jets, Boeing 777-300ERs, Boeing 787 Dreamliners and from 2019 the new Airbus A350-1000s all in the queue.

They'll all rely on the latest 2Ku broadband satellite technology from Gogo, which is the same system being used by Virgin Australia.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Nov 2015

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Crikey... Thats slow and old...Talk about lipstick on a piglet.

AND, who has 74’s these days...
I tried to use GoGo in the US the other day, on an internal flight. Not its finest moment.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

05 Mar 2017

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I flew on one of these birds (G-CIVX) a couple of weeks back.

The free service at the time was the ‘Stream’ service (not the basic package) and was pretty fast at the beginning of the flight.

As the flight went on, and presumably more people started trying it out, it became near unusably slow though.

Possibly because, if you have more than one email address (or know how to use Gmail’s aliases) then you can get as many free hours as you want.

Also, I love the 747 and think it’s a shame that its days are numbered!

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