Cathay Pacific to upgrade San Francisco Airport lounge

By David Flynn, August 24 2015
Cathay Pacific to upgrade San Francisco Airport lounge

Cathay Pacific's San Francisco lounge is getting an upgrade to cater for an increase in flights between Hong Kong and Fog City, which now numbers 17 weekly direct Boeing 777-300ER services.

The lounge, which first opened in late 2011, will expand into an adjacent space to boost the number of seats and the amount of elbow-room.

Given the relatively young age of the lounge, Cathay Pacific will retain the original blueprint from Foster & Partners rather than apply a make-over to the new StudioIlse design seen at HanedaManilaBangkok and of course the new flagship, The Pier First Class Lounge at Hong Kong (below).

Photos, video: Cathay Pacific opens new The Pier First Class lounge

More showers and a wider variety of food and drink options are also on the to-do list, with the works slated for completion by  the end of 2015, 

An enlarged CX lounge at Taipei will also open in the fourth quarter of 2015, followed in early 2016 by lounges at Vancouver and London Heathrow Airport.

The Vancouver lounge is being relocated closet to the airline's departure gates, while the London Heathrow facility will boast around 30% more space.

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26 May 2012

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Hopefully the revamped lounge will be open for the new Skippy flights to SYD!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Nov 2013

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Exactly my thoughts...

Raises some serious route questions though for someone based in home via LAX for QF First lounge to Brisbane...or fly home SFO-SYD-BNE...

Cathay and Qantas hate each other but DAMN I'd love to be able to violate the noodle bar before flying directly back home to Australia.

That said, I really want AJ to order those Dreamliners and perhaps give us some more direct flights to San Francisco... BNE-SFO would totally be pandering to my needs but I'd be happy to avoid LAX and get to gorge at the noodle bar before coming directly back home (but frankly MEL-SFO will probably happen first given that Melbourne is, like SF, full of pretentious old money and also full of insufferably smug hipsters). Maybe daily SYD-SFO services with alternating MEL/BNE-SFO services depending on the day (3 days BNE, 4 days MEL)?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Jun 2015

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When the 787-9 come for Qantas, I reckon they will scrap the 747 SYD to SFO and make it MEL to SFO 787, and also MEL to DFW 787

Unrelated question, but does anyone know what lounge Qantas will use in SFO?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Nov 2013

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Good question DB

Unless David or Chris can share anything new I've not seen anything on record about lounge access. 

I'm sure Qantas is working on it, assuming the flights leave from international:

  • AA doesn't have a lounge in the international terminal
  • Emirates has a lounge - but given Emirates isn't OneWorld and these flights are not likely to be code-share can't see any access rights...
  • BA has a lounge - OneWorld partner
  • Cathay has a soon to be upgraded lounge...OneWorld partner. 
Would seem there are choices...assuming they aren't planning a stand alone lounge...

QF and CX hate each other, but QF and Emirates are BFF. I'm thinking that QF would prefer to use the Emirates lounge on that basis.

On the other hand, Oneworld access rules basically mean that QF Business Class passengers (and Oneworld Sapphires I think) can use the CX lounge anyway so it doesn't really matter.

JAL has a lounge at SFO too. QF might consider adopting that as their "preferred" lounge. However I don't know if its modern or upgraded in any way, and both CX and Emirates are in theory more likely to have cooler lounges.

Interesting news that they won't be refashioning the lounge's design. I have mixed feelings.

On one hand, Foster and Partners is my equal favorite architecture firm (Pelli Clarke Pelli being the other favorite). I LOVE Lord Foster's HSBC building in HK - its architecture porn. When Cathay decided to ditch Foster's style in favor of Studioilse, I wanted to cry. So the preservation of at least some Foster deliciousness is a good thing.

On the other hand this will be bad for product consistency and I can be rather OCD about consistency.

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