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As a regular user of car hire and a Hertz Presidents Circle member, can anyone offer advice as to how to get more from other premium car hire companies.? I would like to try Avis Presidents Club however only have Preferred status and with the significant number of hires, i have no doubt that I would qualify but I cant find any evidence that it exists in Aust. Is there or has there been a status match by Avis or is "preferred' as far as you can go?

Hertz Presidents Circle is a joke as is their customer support team. Absolutely no care or dedication. Yesterday I hired a compact car from Hertz in MT Isa and received a Suzuki as my upgrade. I passed and took the corolla instead.

Thoughts anyone?

Phil Young


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Qantas Platinum Ones were offered Avis Presidents Club 3 years ago, and whilst I'm only an occasional car renter it saved me from trouble last year. I'm usually a very organised traveller, but this time I simply forgot to book a car in Darwin until 2 days before. Whilst all car rental companies in Darwin said they had nothing available, I pleaded Avis President's membership, and they promptly found a car for me. I was forever grateful. They've also been excellent in providing free upgrades without asking.

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