Alaskan luggage check-through

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A pleasant surprise which saved me 3hrs+ at LAX

I had 2 separate bookings:

Alaskan from Seattle to LAX - arriving at 3pm

Qantas from lax to Syd - depart 23:55

Asked qantas if they can combine bookings. They said no.

At Alaskan check in I was served by an enormously competent lady: contrary to what I have read on many Internet forums including on ET, she was able to check through my luggage all the way to Sydney, even though I haven’t checked in yet on my QF flight.

She said most people working at check in counters don’t know what or how to do it but here is what she did:

1. Checked me in on the AS flight

2. Entered manually the final destination of my luggage - that being Sydney

3. Attached it to the first PNR

So in summary she could manually overwrite the baggage destination without me being checked in the second flight. The luggage is attached to first booking.

I then checked in on my QF flight via the app. This means you don’t need to leave LAX to collect your luggage, wait until QF counter opens (at 6:30pm) and then line up for security again. You just take the LAX airside connector to Tom Bradley terminal and you can enjoy the lounge and it can save you hours of waiting at the check in counter to open

Thanks Alaskan

PS on the flight the stewardess even gave me chocolate because I’m OW Emerald (flying Y) - excellent experience!


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Alaska is a fantastically underrated carrier. While some US airlines will at least check bags through on two separate tickets as long as the second carrier is part of their alliance (e.g., United), some won't even do that (e.g., American).

Meanwhile, Alaska will do it on any airline with whom they have an interline agreement, and it's a long list.

Recently had a similar situation at LAX where Alaska helpfully checked my bags all the through a connection in Salt Lake City and onto a separately ticketed Delta flight. Pretty impressive given the relationship between Alaska and Delta went famously south a few years ago. (Delta refused to return the favour on the way back, by the way.)

Glad to hear they continue to offer this service.

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I really appreciate airlines that allow through check-in for flights on separate bookings. There are many reasons why one cannot have all flights on one booking, such as when you have flight segments booked by both companies and privately, when you need to use multiple flight vouchers, or when you just have unexpected travel needs that require additional flights to be added to the itinerary.

I really wish Oneworld alliance would reinstate back through check-in facility by ALL member airlines like what they had before.

Is there anything that we consumers can do to encourage and put pressure to oneworld airlines to start allowing through check-in again? So far, I only know Malaysia Airlines and Alaskan who seem to provide such a service. Probably wishful thinking but something that I bet many frequent travellers would really really appreciate.

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