Could Rudd be the ultimate Australian Business Traveller.

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Could Rudd be the ultimate Australian Business Traveller. Washington to BNE via DFW, various media conf on the way, and looking as fresh as ever. First Class? Kip on the plane? Arrivals Lounges? How does he do it?


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CL of course. Soon as he would flash that card, it may give him a fair bit more than the average of course.


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I would imagine that good old Kevin 747 would have been given one of the 747 series first class beds sold as business on routes such as SYD-DFW-BNE-SYD.  Unless it was a refurbished 747 then they surely would have given him 1A to get a quiet comfy ride! Oh and I agree with AirportAddict, KRudd must surely be a CL.  I would love to know if he was racking up Ryan Bingham miles (~350,000 per year) during his 18 month tenure as Australia's most expensive politician!  Well I hope he enjoys it in (relative) retirement.


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I don't think a CL card will make any impact on Kev's experience - he's too widely known and respected as it is without needing a little black card to justfify himself...

In any case, he travels enough to know the age old set of rules - sleep whenever you can, drink lots of water and change ties between appearances. He probably felt groggy and dreadful all through the trip back anyway, and just hid it behind the smile...

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