Is Qantas Club worth it.

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Robert: I believe you've been given enough warnings about your conduct and language here on AusBT.

Your account has now been deleted.

Feel free to sign up with a new account, as long as you bring a new attitude with it.

Same attitude as this morning will get the same result as this afternoon.


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Thank you David. People are entitled to their opinions but he took the abuse too far.


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I nominate David's post for best post so far on AusBT Q&A.


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Is this question genuine or rhetorical?


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Is Qantas Club worth it !! In my opinion yes but it depends on where you live and when you purchased and how much you travel , I bought life time memberships for my 2 sons 14 years ago and it was only $3400 each great value .they were 21 at the time so they could get 50 to 60 years value.


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Is AUBT a registered as a corporate member of the Qantas Club thereby allowing QC members access to corporate membership rates?

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