Best way back to MEL from DFW.

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Best way back to MEL from DFW. Just wondering that now given QF flies out of DFW, am i better to travel to MEL via SYD or go via LAX and join up with QF flights from there?


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I can't say that I've ever gone out of my way to transfer at LAX but in this case I think it's the lesser of two annoyances.

Firstly because you can walk between your terminals instead of having to catch a bus, and secondly because you don't have to build padding into your travel plans for the unpredictability of SYD customs/immigration time. 


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Much of a muchness really.  If you are connecting from an AA flight in LAX you need to take a bus to Bradley.  If you transfer in SYD from T1 to T3, you take a bus.  If I was you I would fly DFW - LAX - MEL, and enjoy the QF lounge in LAX.


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This. Connecting in SYD is okay if the layover is long enough. With SmartGate and no checked bags it should be possible even during peak hours to be landside and at the transfer bus within half an hour, which should make it possible to be airside at T3 within an hour to an hour and fifteen.

If the connection is at least two hours I think it would be the lesser of two evils, given the T3 lounge would serve as a morning arrivals lounge of sorts.


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Connection could be an issue especially in SYD, if you have to bag drop or get held up at customs or immigration.


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  • QF's LAX lounge is superior
  • I find the transit at LAX quite tolerable, especially if you take the connecting bus from T4 to TBIT
  • If you're flying in Business, your DFW/LAX flight operated by AA will be in First i.e. more SC
  • However if you're in Economy, the shorter SYD/MEL is more desirable than the longer DFW/LAX sector


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I would recommend connecting from DFW to LAX, enjoy the LAX lounge, then with the new QF100 service from LAX with early arrival into MEL, you can hit the ground running when you arrive back home.  (just bear in mind that QF100 is B747, or later QF94 service is A380 which you would experience if flying direct DFW-SYD)


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Did DFW-SYD-MEL last week, no real issues - they will move you to an earlier flight if you get through customs quickly (only too 40mins). The DFW service cannot fly full, so it is not as busy as the direct a380 flights at customs/baggage, and arriving into Sydney at 6am, is before the rush. Customs experience is better than MEL.

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