Melbourne to LAX direct return in Economy.

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Melbourne to LAX direct return in Economy. I am considering the Qantas A380 or United Boeing 787- 9. Which aircraft to choose and which seats are best ?


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The type of aircraft you travel in is somewhat immaterial compared to the type and quality of service offered on board.

For both Qantas and United, the two aircraft in question will offer the airline's respective "latest" inflight product. So in Economy, from an entertainment and seat-comfort perspective it is much of a muchness.

While there is that  novelty factor when flying on the 787,  in Economy, the Qantas service will always be better than that of United. The soft elements of the service may make a difference on a long flight. So that is worth considering.

Personally I would always prefer the Qantas A380 upper deck, although the prices on Qatas will be much higher.


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I agree with TheRealBabushka, if you can get an Economy seat on the Upper Deck of the A380, which offers a better seating config and a more private cabin, I'd go with that. It'll be hard to beat.


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There are many individual factors that might influence this. In particular, if you hold elite status with either or already participate in a frequent flyer scheme that these flights might be credited to. Then price is a factor as well, as is timings.

Seat dimensions per Seatguru are roughly the same, the pax to toilet ratio in Y is slightly better on United, Qantas is 3-4-3 to United's 3-3-3. Qantas product influences in other aspects, but personal tastes may shift this.

I'd check Seatguru for assistance with seat selection (and AusBT have probably offered some advice here previously so I'd have a search). Again, best seat depends on personal preferences and is limited by what the system offers you.


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Seatguru isn't always reliable, and I'm pretty sure UA's 787 seats are significantly narrower than QF's A380 seats. Other sources have QF's seat width at 18.1" to UA's 17.3". That sounds plausible. 

So QF has better seats, better food, better drinks, better service, better IFE, wider aisles. I'm not a big QF fan, but compared to UA they're paradise. 


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I would pick UA cause you can't beat UA's Economy Plus with Wifi onboard

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