Sydney QF First Lounge experience.

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Sydney QF First Lounge experience.

I'm looking at a short July trip to Queenstown from Brisbane in Y. I am a QFF Platinum and have not yet had the opportunity to experience a First class lounge.

Earliest flight out of BNE arrives SYD at 0735 with the flight to Queenstown departing at 0925. Will this give me enough time to get inside and enjoy a bite to eat? Any expert/veteran tips to better the journey or something you would book differently?

Would it also be worth returning Queenstown - Auckland - Brisbane for the Auckland Lounge? I don't mind longer routes to see and try something new... if it's good.


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If it was me, I would be changing my flight. With boarding 45 mins before you won't have any time to enjoy it. It is certainly a lounge worth experiencing. 


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By all accounts the AKL lounge is not worth the detour. 

If you want to experience the first lounge, you will need to change flights. You have 1:50 between flights, but will need to swap terminals, go through customs and allow some boarding gate time... I don't see there being too much time to enjoy the lounge.

But I think the Queenstown flight is once daily? So I don't think there is a way around this (at a cheap price).

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AKL lounge aint worth the trip trust me


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AKL 1ST Lounge has good service but is otherwise a very meh offering.  


In this situation I would be pretty tempted to fly to Syd the night before and get a cheap overnight hotel nearby and get to 1st lounge at opening time. Yes it's worth it. 


On your proposed timetable I seriously doubt you will even walk into the lounge. Transit via sydney sucks and is to be avoided at all cost (unless you after some lounge time). So on return leg actualy I would fly queenstown to akl then akl to bne because I *assume* there are no diect flights


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Can you fly down the night before and check in very early?

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That's exactly what I was about to suggest.  If you've got anything at all to do in Sydney to make an overnight stop worthwhile, then you can check-in at SYD as early as you like, and enjoy the benefits of the Flounge and your Platinum status.

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