Aircraft Seats Thompson Aero Seating has a new economy class seat called the Cozy Suite.

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Aircraft Seats

Thompson Aero Seating has a new economy class seat called the Cozy Suite. It promises 18.5" Seat Width 10-abreast on a B777 or 17" Seat Width 10-abreast on a B787 (Which seems impossible to me).

Do you think Qantas, or any other airline should consider it?

To me, 10-abreast on a B787 is a nightmare. 9-abreast is already bad enough.

Here's a source:


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It's certainly an intriguing product which does raise several questions...

  1. How does the seat recline? I assume it shimmys forwards rather than arcs backwards.
  2. How well will it seat passengers with decreased mobility? I guess they'll need to select an aisle seat.
  3. How easily will FA training translate to this new seat? There's certainly going to be considerations around safety, evacuation processes and meal service.
Though it'll no doubt solve the issue around which armrest belongs to which passenger.
I think it's certainly an innovative product but it'll boil down to which airline is prepared to make the leap of faith first. Others will then follow.


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The Cozy Suite is certainly a fascinating product, however its been around for years and no one has bought it. It absolutely solves the problem of upper-body-space and armrest space. It also provides a bit more privacy and a dedicated sleeping surface.

The problem I see with it, however, is that this extra-wide seat width seems mostly confined to the back of the seat cushion; as you move further forward, the armrest of the person next to you overlaps your leg space slightly. I've never tried it though so I wouldn't know.

However, if it manages to improve comfort AND density at the same time, it actually would be a great product. I think some airlines are scared of it being too "extreme" for some passengers. It also would make social interaction harder (somewhat), for those travelling together.

I don't think Qantas would buy it though - they have a very good relationship with Recaro for economy seats. Virgin Australia may be interested, however, since if they end up getting 777Xs but want to retain their 18.5" economy seat width then the Cozy Suite would enable them to do it.

Air New Zealand, actually, may be interested in the Cozy Suite since they'd be able to keep their high-density configurations whilst still improving comfort in their cabins. A Cozy Suite could certainly be styled in ANZ's beloved ink-and-chalk color scheme as well, and ANZ have shown a willingness to think outside the box with seating products... sure, SpaceSeat was a failure in some respects but Cozy Suites, assuming they work, would clearly help to provide "A Premium Economy experience in Economy Class" (just like ANZ promote their Premium Economy as Business Lite, and their Business Premier as a Business-First hybrid).


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A 'fixed back shell' - looks like something perhaps Cathy should trial (given their history & all)...


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*Cathay.  apologies.


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"dedicated sleeping area" ha!

Agree on the comment about the old Cathay seats! Looks like a prelude to a sore back!


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Funny how all the mock ups only have 3 seats, yet the plans show 4 or 5 depending on the aircraft.




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10 abreast is really cozy.


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On Google there are some plans of a centre section 4 abreast 777 and it's looks really cool with the benefit of course of only having to disturb 1 person to get out if you are in the middle seat. I think it's about time an airline was brave enough to do something like this especially if they get more seats in ! The only downside I see is that you won't be able to look across your aisle out towards a window as the seats are all staggered but that would be a small price to pay for the extra comfort. I also like the way the seats tilt up giving you more room to walk out. There are also plans for a very comfortable 9 abreast A330 - hello A330neo ?!

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