Hi guys, Any suggestions for a hotel in San Francisco?

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Hi guys,

Any suggestions for a hotel in San Francisco? I am arriving late from Hong Kong at night and leaving the following mid-morning before returning later in the week for a few days.

Any suggestions or tips in general about where to stay?



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Westin St Francis is great


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Holiday Inn Express at Fishermans a Wharf is pretty good (not to be confused with the normal Holiday Inn which is just down the street but in dire need of refurbishment). The location is good for food and transport options, and there is a free breakfast - that can tend to be a bit busy and I prefer a cafe just around the corner that gives you a ton of fresh berries with your pancakes! Stayed there a couple of times and felt it was a bit less "seedy" than downtown, although Fishermans Wharf can still be a bit dodgy once the sun goes down. Overall, it's a good option. It feels expensive for a Holiday Inn Express, but pretty well everywhere in SF is expensive, and I'm comfortable recommending it :)


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Stay anywhere except Fisherman's Wharf. Honestly the Financial District is probably the best because it's well connected by public transport to every other part of the city. 

Of the hotels I've stayed in there, the Hyatt Regency at Embarcaredero is quite nice, and well located, though certainly you can get nicer for more money. 


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If you want something that feels "heritage San Francisco" but has recently been renovated, the Fairmont is a fantastic choice. Incredible views from the tower rooms too.


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Marriott Couryard in the CBD


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Hi tjjen2 

If I understand your trip right -

  • You'll arrive late evening and then jet on elsewhere the next morning - don't go downtown. Stay near the airport, it's just not worth spending the commute time to and fro the city. Hit TripAdvisor and read up on the near-SFO hotels
  • As for the later in the week trip, avoid Hilton Union Square; I personally would stay over towards Moscone as I think this district is more amenable after hours. 
Wherever you stay - get out and walk - SF is an amazing city when you walk around (just avoid Tenderloin), lots to see if you have time...


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For the few later days how about the Fairmont Hotel San Fransisco

As for the earlier trip don't go down town unless you have to 


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Thanks for all of your suggestions guys!

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