Top picks for QF 787-9 destinations.

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Top picks for QF 787-9 destinations.

Hi guys,

Just wondering on people's thoughts on which destinations we might see QANTAS open up with the new 787-9's when the enter service. Alan Joyce used MEL-DFW as an example but interested in everybody's thoughts.


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Restoring Old/New routes:

YVR (year round), SFO (replace 744), DXB (from perth, brisbane and maybe even adelaide), BOM, New routes to China and maybe Japan or Korea, maybe Berlin from Dubai as a continuation of one of the routes from Australia, more routes to and possibly within the US. Maybe LHR or another European city via SIN(preffered), HKG or BKK for those avoiding Qantas due to DXB. Possibly even a MEL/SYD/BNE-AKL-LAX/SFO/IAH/DFW to LHR to compete with NZ. 

Replacing 747:

HND, JNB, SCL, HKG, BNE-LAX, LAX-JFK and any others I may have missed

Eventually replacing the A330:

All the asian routes and the transcon's

They will have to work out something else when they retire the A380's. Perhaps a A380NEO, 777X (more likely) or simply more frequencies (problem for LHR though).


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And maybe some routes to SIN, HKG and even BKK,NRT nd PVG from other Aussie Cities


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JNB and SCL won't happen until CASA approves ETOPS over 180. (ETOPS 330 is needed for the best routing).

EU via Asia won't happen while QF has a deal with EK. We'll have to see what the ACCC says in 2.5 years.

I see 787s replacing 747s on YVR, SFO, HKG, HND, JFK and some LAX routes.

New routes (ICN, PEK, MEL/BNE-DFW, KUL, BOM, BER, ORD) are possible, but adding frequency to the HKG, SIN, TYO, LAX and DFW are more likely.



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But LAN already operate SCL-AKL with a 788 and 789. NZ will do AKL-EZE later this year with a 777-200. 

When the A350 went on its tour of the world in the last year it did a route-proving JNB-SYD, then SYD-SCL, so the new 2 engine types i.e. A350 and 787 series are able to do ETPOS330.


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But because the lan flight last departs from AKL it only needs approval from NZ rather than CASA, NZ have approved ETOPS 330 for the 787 where as casa still only approves 180


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LAN doesn't care what CASA or NZ CAA says about ETOPS. LAN's ETOPS approvals come from Chile's Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics.

An airline needs ETOPS type approval, which comes when the type is undergoing testing (generally from FAA and EASA, but the carriers local regulator can have a say as well), and operational certification, which comes from the airlines home regulator.

For QF and VA, it does not matter what EASA, FAA, CAA etc says, it only matters what CASA says. If QF were to register and base an aircraft in the US with an N number, that one aircraft would come under FAA rules.

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Via NZ and the U.S. to LHR won't happen because it's longer and involves an extra stop. Unattractive unless you have business in both AKL and the U.S. 

Getting rid of the non-refurb 744's to JNB and SCL makes good sense - use the 789 for its major strength, long haul at attractive yield.


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B787-10s would be best for Asia wouldnt it?

Shoudy Chen


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SQ will take delivery of B787-10s once the old B777-200s are retired. This airline will fly from Singapore to around Asia and Australia.  


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Manchester Via Singapore 



I can only dream 


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This will never happen, at least under the EK Alliance :)


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I would imagine the 787 might fly to CGK at some point, either replacing the A330 from SYD or new flight from MEL, as the fuel savings might help make the route more attractive to QF.


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Replacing 747


New Routes - Assuming QF takes delivery of more than 8 787s which I think is likely



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I would love to see such 787-9 Destinations being Vancouver, San Francisco, Honolulu, (Maybe Las Vegas), Santiago, Buenos Aires and Johannesburg. Or in Asia being Seoul, Beijing, Guangzhou, New Dehli, Mumbai and Ho Chi Minh City. But i can only dream....

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