Thinking of travelling with Qatar Airways in Business class.

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Thinking of travelling with Qatar Airways in Business class. Would like some reviews.


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I travelled Perth - London rtn with Qatar in June. Flew on 777, the business only A319 (no longer in service) and the A380. I found all of the flights great. The crew were attentive and all aircraft very comfortable. The A380 was the best of the 3 - loved the seat, service and the bar (which seemed to very very popular with my fellow travellers). The FA working in the bar said the bar was often very busy. Most of the flight they had to crew working in the area.  

The 777 seats have plenty of space however they are 2-2-2 so if you want a window you need to do the leap over the legs of the person next to you to get out. They aren't all that private either and don't have the same amount of storage that seems to be the norm these days. They were comfy though. I'd love to see Qatar upgrade them to the same seat they use on the A380. The A319 was a great seat (smaller version of the seat on the A380) as well but was 2-2 so had the leap again. It was interesting travelliong on an aircraft with only 40 seats though. 

Meals and drinks were great with a good selection and range of both. The lounge in Doha was excellent. Lots of space, places to sit, work, eat or drink and power points everywhere. Great for solo travellers as there were plenty of single seats. The lamb rack I had in the lounge was excellent. I think the bous for me was they were much cheaper than EK, QF or SQ without compromising on quality or overall experience. 


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Travelled Perth - Doha - Barcelona.  Perth to Doha leg was on the 777.  I was travelling with my partner so loved the 2-2-2 layout.  Easy conversation.  When the seat was in full bed mode you could sill easily get around it as there was a little space left at the end of the bed before the row of seats in front began.  The food and service were excellent, had some absolutely delicious lamb.  The lounge in Doha was incredible and had heaps to do and see.

the flight to Barcelona was on one of their unrenovated a330s.  The food and service were again spectacular, but my seat was broken, and even when I got it into the full recline wasn't very comfortable for sleeping.  This was a day flight though so it didn't matter too much.

I would recommend them highly (over Qantas) but I haven't yet tried Emirates or Etihad

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Love Qatar A350 and A380 product. The lounge in Doha is great. The food and service is second to none. Don't forget to ask for the Krug at the bar on the A380 and in the lounge :-). I wish they had this product out of Australia


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Thanks for the feedback. Greatly appreciated.

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