Melbourne's Qantas lounges: a queue or a walkway?

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Sorry, but if people meander at glacial speeds, tough luck. Some people actually have schedules and objectives to meet within the constraints of the working day. If one, without knocking over the herds of cattle, can find a quicker path to the obviously wide auto door and get in promptly, then they've saved a potential congestion moment at the door. If the wanderers are that insistent, they can get a buggy to drive them in...


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I must admit that I can't stand slow walkers and if they're blocking the path with little regard for others in a hurry, I'll walk right up behind them (well within their personal space) and usually they'll notice, apologise and I'll walk past with a simple "thanks". It seems like the poeople mentioned above a lot more miserable and vindicitive...


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One better are those individuals who just walk past you and everyone els to the head of the queue ie right on the bollard for premium boarding, when you try to be polite for disembarking passengers and leave a metre space!

Seriously I feel like asking for their autograph cos they obviously think they are special!


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Unfortunately I find that airports are the one place that brings out the absolute worst in people, particularly within the lounges. 

On my recent trip to Hong Kong, the flight was cancelled on day 1 due to mechanical issues and everyone was accommodated for as best as possible (I admit I was hoping to be rebooked on CX but Qantas don't play that way). The reaction from the majority of the passengers was embarrassing to say the least. Tantrums, swearing and hissy fits all the way from the lounges back to baggage collection and up to the service desks on level 1. 

In addition to that, the grand sweeping declaration that they will never fly Qantas again and using this cancellation the next day for special treatment on board. 

The man who paid for an exit row and insisted in business class food and service stands out in particular. 

But, onto the original question, everyone moves at their own pace and the main queue in the Qantas pub is for the coffee machine. Everything else is an open passageway. 


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I'm fairly confident it is a walkway. I'm not sure what their issue was, If they choose to walk incredibly slowly when there is no visible hold up, chances are someone will want to overtake them at one stage.

It's why I often travel with the video clip of Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me a River' on my phone :)


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So many rude and clueless people around.  Particularly those gate lice that hang around trying to board before they're called.

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