Is 'FlatBedFlights' a scam?

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Roundabout Travel are fab, been using them for years. 

Notso Swift

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Just a note the deal on the Flatbeds site is a companion fare, and not a FF resell, the a Qatar deal for about $5100 that finished on the 19th was a separate promotion for winning this years Skytrax
Only issue is you use the old style 2x2x2 layout/seat from Doha to Prague, but it is a morning flight and only about 6 hours.. will find out how much that annoys me on 1 Dec LOL (It is a new route so they are pushing it hard at the moment)

Couple of hunderd more and you can have the old herring bones all the way to Europe on A350 or 787 (I an returning Copenhagen), but you spend a bit more and go London/Paris to get a Qsuite, about $7k when I booked


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Has anyone dealt with FlatBedFlights? I'm looking at going to London next year in June and they have given me an amazing business deal of $4990 with Etihad (return flight). But I know Etihad doesn't book that far ahead. Does anyone have an intel on this company?

I've used this company. I highly recommend as was recommended to me.


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I have personally flown using Flatbedflights (was recommended by a friend who travelled through them). I can assure you that they are not a scam. Customer service representatives were very pleasant and attentive to our specific needs. Tickets were received promptly with no issues.

I feel bad for companies like this who get a bad rep online through people who have never experienced them and don't know what they're talking about.

Best of luck

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