Perth to Los Angeles: via Qantas or Cathay Pacific?

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Hi Everyone I am heading to the USA in late December after Christmas for work.  I will be going business either on Qantas or Cathay.
The flight times for the transit are almost identical, 1 has a 6 hour wait in Melbourne the other 6 hours in Hong Kong.
My Perth to Hong Kong leg is overnight on the A350 then a B77W to LA.
The QF overnight to Melbourne in an A332 but the Melbourne to LA will be on the brand new B789.
The lounges in Hong Kong are better than Melbourne but the appeal of the B789 on the long leg to LA over the B77W has me wondering which way to jump.
What does everyone think?
The Qantas red eye to Melbourne is never appealing so I'd be avoiding that, not a good start to a long haul flight.

Agree 100%. And the CX J seats are really good for long-distance travel, so would always fly CX.

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I would do CX, mainly because of the flight time break up (longer first leg shorter second), the seats for both are fine
Too bad you cant get the 787 through floght - that would seal it for QF

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Recently flew CX Business Class Per-Hkg-Yvr and could not speak highly enough for the seating and service, it's as good as I have had anywhere. The A350 was absolutely the most beautiful aeroplane I have ever passengered in and was without doubt the most comfortable by far. You could not go wrong flying with CX in Business. Iv'e tried quite a lot of Airlines and CX is now one of my top choices by far.
Go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Have you looked at an AA ticket? I think their business class hard product is better than QF and the service isn't too far behind.

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