Flying ANA - which frequent flyer program is best?

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I am flying ANA to Japan in January, I am wondering where it is worth getting an ANA frequent flyer membership, one from a differnet *A member or not bother. I usually fly QF but would consider other airlines if it means points.


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Funnel the points into Krisflyer. They're you're best bet being Aussie based. Especially with their hookup with VA

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It really depends on your future point earning as well. With just one trip to Japan, i suspect you would be earning under 10000 miles, which for most FFPs won't be useful. So you would need more miles to top that up.

KF is a good option for Australians because many Australian credit card can convert to KF. Other Star Alliance program worth considering are united Plus and Lifemiles. While it's not easy to top up miles using credit card you can easily buy miles from them as they offer sales regularly. Lifemiles in particular has the feature of miles and cash, so you only need 40% of the miles needed and buy the rest at 1.5cents USD per mile.

Then there is the issue of how many miles you will earn depending on your fare class and the FFP you will credit it with. Check with and it will tell you how many miles you will earn with each program. The same fare class might earn only 25% with KF but 100% with United. You need to factor that in.

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Whatever you do, Air New Zealand Airpoints is not the option! :P

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