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Upcoming trip on VA BNE - LAX with a secondary flight onto JFK with DL a few hours later (the second flight LAX - JFK is on a seperate DL ticket). All flights in Premium Economy. I am Plat with VA. Normally I am ticketed with VA all the way through to New York but this trip I am not.

As DL is a 'partner' with VA, will VA tag my bags through to JFK (I understand immigration & customs requirements @ LAX)? I want to be able to recheck our luggage at the Transfer area at TBIT (which I have never used) before heading over to the DL Terminal. The transfer time is a bit tight on this trip so trying, where possible, to shave off any time.

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Having done this trip a few years ago (However from SYD), it is pretty straightforward. VA did check in all the way to JFK (VA 1, then DL 2262 at the time). PE and no Velocity status and I were able to as was all on one booking. I would think you get it checked all the way through, assuming the staff know what they are doing.

If you can't, VA Plat can use priority check in at LAX with DL (maybe faster security as well, someone else confirm please??) which can help you gain some of that time lost.

If you get to use transfer area at TBIT, that saves you having to check in, saving time. The transfer area is nothing more than another baggage belt but takes your luggage from you to your onward flight where you then have to walk to the DL terminal and do security etc there. Hopefully this helps and have a good trip!

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Here's hoping you have a smooth flight to New York! If you provide your DL record locator to the VA desk at your primary point of embarkation, they will be able to check your bags through to JFK without any trouble, and link the PNRs in the unlikely event that your connection goes south. After entry formalities at TBIT, the baggage re-check is down a corridor on your right after you've cleared quarantine. Once you've dropped your bags, the DL terminal is your next stop as you know. The usual selection of priority services for VA Platinums apply--priority security is available via 'premium' security lanes, priority check-in at the Sky Priority (business/first) desks, and of course priority boarding in Zone Sky. You can have your boarding pass ready to go on the Delta app, which should reflect your status, or have it printed at the check-in desks for either terminals two (probably) or three (if you're unlucky), depending on where your flight operates from. There are SkyClubs in both T2 and T3 which you will have access to, and the SkyClub JFK is available to you on arrival. Good luck!

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